I Had Period Sex Wearing Two Different Menstrual Cups

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When it comes to period sex, there are a lot of mixed feelings out there. Some people are totally comfortable with it, while others might feel a little hesitant. As someone who's always been open to trying new things, I recently decided to experiment with having period sex while wearing two different menstrual cups. I know it might sound a little out there, but I wanted to see how it would work and if it would be a viable option for other women looking to have a comfortable and mess-free experience during their period.

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The Experiment: Trying Two Different Menstrual Cups During Period Sex

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As a regular user of menstrual cups, I had the idea to try using two different cups during period sex. I chose two different cups with varying levels of firmness and flexibility to see how they would hold up during intercourse. The first cup I chose was a softer, more flexible cup, while the second cup was a firmer, more rigid option. I wanted to see if one type of cup would be better suited for period sex than the other, and if wearing two cups at the same time would provide extra protection against leaks.

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The Soft Cup: A Comfortable Option for Period Sex

The first cup I tried during period sex was a softer, more flexible cup. I found that this cup was comfortable to wear during intercourse and didn't cause any discomfort or irritation. The softness of the cup allowed it to move with my body, making it feel natural and unobtrusive. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cup didn't shift or leak during sex, and it provided a mess-free experience for both myself and my partner.

The Firm Cup: A Secure Option for Period Sex

Next, I tried the firmer, more rigid cup during period sex. I was initially a little concerned that the firmness of the cup might cause discomfort or make sex feel less enjoyable, but I was pleasantly surprised. The firm cup provided a secure and leak-proof experience during intercourse. It didn't shift or move around, and it held up well even during more vigorous activity. I found that the firmer cup provided a sense of security and confidence, knowing that I was well protected during period sex.

The Benefits of Using Two Menstrual Cups During Period Sex

After trying both cups during period sex, I found that there were several benefits to wearing two cups at the same time. Firstly, wearing two cups provided an extra layer of protection against leaks, giving me peace of mind during intercourse. Secondly, I found that wearing two cups allowed me to experiment with different levels of firmness and flexibility, giving me a better understanding of what works best for me during my period. Finally, wearing two cups provided a comfortable and mess-free experience, allowing me to enjoy period sex without any worries or concerns.

Final Thoughts: Period Sex and Menstrual Cups

Overall, my experience with period sex while wearing two different menstrual cups was positive. I found that both cups provided a comfortable and leak-proof experience, and wearing two cups at the same time gave me added protection and confidence. I would encourage other women to experiment with different menstrual cup options during period sex to find what works best for them. With the right cup, period sex can be a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both partners.